After the 1099 Independent Contracting was introduced, vetting of the professionals for Independent contracting became very tough. The process for vetting was completely manual and what the recruiters have to go through was manual email threads that never retrieved correct information efficiently.

IT Industry
IT Consultancy, Customized Portal


Cbl developed and designed a custom PHP solution, a custom branded responsive application which was optimized for all screen sizes for our client to get over with routine manual work of the vetting process. The application has features like

Multi-Role Logins

Wizard Based Questionnaire

Approval Rights

Results Sharing

Automated Scoring

Scoring based results


Complete vetting process was automated

Vendors of our clients acknowledged the efforts

Rich and Responsive Experience available on all devices

Vetting can be done from Mobile as well

Interaction of Managers got reduced

Right information retrieved at right time

Instantaneous reporting

Vetting team reduced from a large no to very few