Thinkwise has developed new ERP software for

Flexibility and progressive insight

Our client, the packaging specialist. The first  implemented version is already producing major  benefits. Among other things more efficient  digital invoicing, limiting business risks, more  insight into the logistics chain and time savings  through automation.

Our client designs, develops and constructs packaging machines  and entire production lines that are deployed worldwide, for  example, in the food industry. The company satisfies customer  requirements with economic and unique packaging lines.  Our client’s excellent reputation has led to a demand for turnkey projects that must be completed on time, within budget  and with good service. To be able to continue to do this in the  future our client has had to completely overhaul its ERP system.  Our POC is responsible for leading the major change  management project. The old custom-built ERP system that  our client was using had become a major problem according to  our POC: “The old ERP system, which we used for our commercial  and financial business processes, was a DOS application from  the 1980s. This system was so outdated that it was no longer  supported and it was becoming an ever-increasing  business risk.”

Software that does not become obsolete

Our client  first considered packages from the major ERP  suppliers such as SAP, Exact and Microsoft Dynamics, but  ultimately opted to have business software, which meets their  requirements, developed by the specialists at CBL on Thinkwise. This  was a joint group decision, because our client is a holacracy  in which everybody has their say. “We not only gave a  demo, a so-called Test Drive,” says our POC there, “I also attended a  Technical Session with a colleague. This removed any  lingering doubts about the promises Thinkwise made about its  software, which will never become obsolete, neither technically  nor functionally.”

According to our POC, the cooperation with CBL & TW ran  smoothly from the start: “We had already written down most of  our requirements ourselves. So the analysis didn’t take long and  they could quickly start modeling our processes.” After each  sprint, they delivered a new working version of a part of the  ERP system. This gave us a good idea about the progress  and what the final result was going to look like. Furthermore, it  enabled us to make modifications and add additional features  at an early stage. Our POC: “We are very satisfied about how this  project has gone. These guys are extremely flexible which suits us.  We need flexibility because we tend to be rather changeable.  The low-code software development platform deals with this in a  controlled and well-managed manner, so that progressive insight  and new ideas can be easily and gradually introduced. But this  also concerns organizational matters. For example, if, during a  meeting of the steering committee, we suddenly also want the  software developer to attend, these guys quickly  arrange this.”

“With Thinkwise we refreshed the entire ERP-system  and we do not have to worry about the future. “

Process Analyst

Connections and result

The new business software has been given the name ThinkSYS.  This has been in operation now for two months and is already  providing all kinds of time savings. “This covers completely  normal activities,” states our POC. “For instance, we previously  still sent invoices manually by post and these are now processed  automatically and sent digitally by e-mail. In addition, the system  is integrated with the Exact accounting software. Another great  example is that we can record more information with the orders.  We now know exactly what goes in and what goes out and what  is still in stock. We have a perfect overview.” The implementation  of the first phase of the ERP system is a major success and  has had a positive impact on the commercial and financial  business processes.

Gradual re-engineering

Our client wants to gradually re-engineer and innovate the  business processes. The second phase of building the new  ERP system will start soon and our client has once again  commissioned us to develop it. This time it concerns  project registration and logistic processes for the machine  building activities. Our POC “Among other things, we want to  know which components have been ordered for the machines,  whether they have arrived and where we have stored them.”  Our POC continues: “We will continue gradually in a business-case  driven manner, adding new features each time. Thinkwise will  again develop all new functionality during phase 2. However, in  the future we want to be able to easily apply smaller modifications,  such as adding a column, ourselves. I will therefore be attending a  course with two colleagues at

The future: full steam ahead

Phases three and four will follow in a year from now. During  the third phase we want to see an end to paper work orders  and the service technicians will have software available to take  care of their administrative tasks. “The last phase concerns  the client intranet where we will be able to share internal  matters, such as birthdays.” Our POC concludes: “Altogether,  within a few years the entire ERP system will be completely  modernized with the help of Thinkwise, so that we will no longer  have to worry about our business processes and can progress  full steam ahead.”