Client Overview

Our client is a manufacturer of weighing and packaging machines for fresh potatoes, vegetables and fruits. Flexible, customer-oriented packaging solutions and exceptional service are the foundation for their success. Our client is a 21 year old company and is now supplying worldwide to over 50 countries.

Former situation

Our point of contact, remembers well how it all began. “We started operations in 1995. The standard ERP software did not meet our specific requirements and was too rigid. We wanted a flexible software solution that we could quickly and easily modify and we therefore opted for an in house developed customized ERP solution. This customized ERP solution was developed in Delphi and maintained by 1 person. This posed a risk with regard to the continuity of the software. All knowledge was held by this one person. Also, there were no possibilities for any further technological and functional development.

For example, we wanted to automate routine operations such as order entry and with a view to international developments our desire to work through the web became more prevalent. In order for us to continue to grow, we needed business software that would fully support our business processes and would satisfy the current technological possibilities.” A switch to new business software was an
obvious move.

The solution

“Frankly, we were sceptical when we first heard about CBL & their solutions on Thinkwise”, says our POC “All the software providers we talked to said the same thing. Everything is possible. However, these guys also wanted to prove this to us. Already during the acquisition phase they modernized our existing business software. Within a very short time we recognized our existing application but it was now entirely modernized under a new database and immediately available for Windows, web, tablets and smartphones.

In the subsequent phase, they did a one-to-one translation of the functionality to the new environment. We wanted to keep all the existing functionality before we started to look at any functional expansions and optimizations. It was immediately clear to us that the new software (ThinkSYS as we call it) was much more flexible. The modern GUI is very user friendly and the performance has greatly improved. We can work faster and more efficiently. And with demonstrably fewer mistakes.

“We can now help our client to continue to grow with the same number of staff. Whatever the future brings, the software will always support our plans.”


Always up-to-date

“Now we can further develop our IT, while at the  same time achieving growth with the same number of staff.  Management information is always up-to-date. At any time and  anywhere, WeI now have access to the status of the received orders,  the current stock and the order intake. This has resulted in an  improved quality of our deliveries”, says the client.



“The cooperation exceeded all expectations. The project team, consisting of representatives from Thinkwise and Manter, shared knowledge and were quick to react during the implementation.  We are impressed with the result and we confidently look  forward to the future

“We want to further improve the service towards our customers  and optimize and expand ThinkSYS. For example, in the future  we would like to offer our customers the possibility to follow  the processing of their order enquiries and their orders. This  means that less telephone contact about the order status will  be necessary. The great advantage of Thinkwise is that we can  quickly add additional functionality. Whenever we are ready for  the next step, the software ties in seamlessly with this. We are  extremely proud that we have chosen CBL & Thinkwise as our software  partner”, says our Point of Contact as he finishes his story.