Our client was looking to have a solution that allows them to be fantastically presentable, rich media and easily manageable front end that should be able to clearly convey their products and services to their customers. There was a team of 10 people that was solely managing their old website which was in HTML and plain text format and was also not rightly ranked in Google. The company also wanted this solution to work on all possible screen sizes.


CBL provided them with full design as well as development services for WP implementation. The team at Info Tree helped them create a visually stunning yet corporate design for their website and implemented over a CMS that can be easily managed. Now the site works perfectly across all kind of devices with faster load time, easily manageable content and rich media along with a design that is thoroughly search engine optimization friendly.


  • The CEO was extremely happy not just with the deliverable but with the approach and process towards the project.
  • New site was successfully developed and launched across all platforms like Chrome, Firefox etc
  • Most suited for all kind of devices as well as screen sizes
  • The team of 10 is reduced to 1 still having an awesome online presence.
  • Much more administrative control over the UI and Content due to Word Press as a CMS Platform
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings due to SEO friendly architecture
  • Most importantly Info Tree designed the solution in a manner that it has a tremendous space for extensibility for future enhancements