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A commitment to a high level of service to our employees and our customers is the backbone of our contract-staffing group. That is what differentiates us from our competitors. With turnaround time that is almost double the speed of industry average, Cbl can deliver the right talent to your organization quickly and cost efficiently. Our ability to fill those hard to find positions has allowed us to become an award-winning contract staffing vendor to a number of the Fortune 100 organizations. But we don’t stop there. Just as important as our ability to find talent is our ability to retain that talent. Many companies require their recruiters, sales people or internal HR group to manage the onsite contract employees.


Since its founding Cbl has maintained specialized Employee Relations Group that specifically focuses on the needs of our contractors. This has resulted in a very low employee turnover rate. When our employees come to work, they stay. With operations in over 18 countries around the globe, we have the ability to help companies of all sizes find the talent they need. Whether you need a mainframe developer or a research scientist, Cbl has the expertise to help clients bring their products and services to the marketplace.The workforce is changing. The notion of having a job for life no longer exists. People want flexibility, mobility and opportunities in their career and they’re happy to look elsewhere if their current company isn’t providing this. Over the last 10 years, organizations have dramatically increased their use of contractors and with up to 30% of procurement spend allocated to maintaining a temporary workforce and it’s a trend that’s set to stay.

We’re proud to work with leading organizations and brands around the world to evolve their contractor recruitment and workforce planning. With a track record of securing talent faster, more effectively and seamlessly than anyone else over the last 24 months we’ve successfully worked in the following international locations:

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  • Scalable contingent workforce recruitment process empowering true flexible staffing to meet your ongoing and future business requirements.
  • Full governance and control of your contract and temporary workforce, ensuring regulatory compliance across the organisation.
  • Significant internal efficiencies across your Payroll, Finance, Accounts Payable, HR and Hiring Manager communities.
  • Complete visibility of your flexible contingent workforce supporting better strategic business decisions.
  • Maximise cost efficiencies through developing a strategic hiring plan and reducing reliance on recruitment agencies.
  • Increase hiring manager satisfaction through a simplified recruitment process and an increase in the quantity and quality of candidates put forward for roles, at pace.
  • One consolidated monthly invoice for all your contingent workforce providing transparency into your contractor spend.
  • Optimise employer brand and candidate experience throughout the hiring process by having a consistent recruitment process where candidates are regularly communicated with and kept informed.