Robotic Process Automation Services & Solutions

Business Readiness Analysis for RPA

Business Readiness Analysis for RPA implementation is the first and most critical step towards digital transformation. This service helps customers identify business processes and applications that can are ideal for robotic process automation.

The RPA business readiness analysis services covers:

  • Process Assessment
  • Scope & Compatibility
  • Feasibility Study
  • Report Effort & Benefit Estimation

Is Your Business Ready for RPA


RPA Business Case Discovery

The RPA business case discovery process essentially includes business and process maturity assessment to develop an optimization roadmap. Our experienced consultants work closely with the business teams to identify efficient workload / process selection for RPA and also support with choosing the right RPA platforms that are suited based on the existing IT environment and RPA requirement.

Typical RPA business case discovery process includes: 

  • Business Case Discovery
  • High level as-is and to-be maps
  • Technology agnostic views & recommendations
  • Cost & Effort Break-downs

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RPA Proof of Concept

Once the ideal use cases for RPA are identified, our RPA experts will define the objectives for the RPA proof of concept, build an internal RPA framework, avail appropriate IT access rights for the BOTs, come up with the new performance measures to ensure that the RPA Proof of Concept execution showcases the full extent of the RPA value.

In short, the RPA Proof of Concept will include:

  • Shortlist POC Process
  • Identify suitable RPA platform
  • Reference Architecture
  • Pilot Project Execution

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RPA Implementation

Our RPA implementation expertise spans over both self-running automation (back office & unattended) and human guided automation (front office & attended). We have in-depth expertise in developing robust, flexible, autonomous robots to support complex workflows through a clearly documented and well-coded software reconciliation process that sets us apart in terms of quality and agility from the rest.

  • Process Definition Documents (PDD)
  • Solution Design Documents (SDD)
  • BOTs design, testing and deployment
  • Configuration & UAT
  • Release Notes

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