Marketing Automation Services & Solutions

Marketing Automation Consulting

By working alongside you, we’ll help advance from platform selection to stakeholder buy-in, to smart customer journey creation.

  • Marketing Automation Campaign Best Practice
  • Pre-& Post Marketing Automation Deployment
  • Platform Selection

Marketing Automation Consulting Services


A mix of technical and marketing expertise to support the deployment of your Marketing Automation platform.

  • Setup the Right Way; Quickly, Smartly, Smoothly
  • The CleverTouch Deployment
  • Fundamental Training

Marketing Automation Deployment Services

Platform Training & Mentoring

For when you want to keep the key marketing automation skills in-house, quickly & competently.

  • Marketing Automation Training
  • Deploying and New Starters
  • Pushing the Boundaries
  • Bespoke Training

Marketing Automation Training & Mentoring Services 

Insight & Analytics

Define patterns and evaluate business insights to help save time and make money through better targeting and insight.

  • Pre-campaign Insight. Know Your Data Before Launching Your Campaigns
  • Post-Campaign Analysis Campaign over? Analyse & Optimize
  • Lay the Foundations for Marketing Forecasting
  • Gain Business Insight from Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Insight & Analytics Services 

Engagement Models

  • Fixed Scope, Time, and Cost

    The Waterfall model is ideal for the organizations that have a defined set of requirements. In this model, our deliverables are based on a requirement document such as SRS (Software Requirements Specification) that gives us clarity on the scope of the work. We work with the clients to ensure that the scope is unambiguous, the timeline is agreed upon, key milestones for the projects are in-place, and budget is fixed. At this stage, we manage the entire project internally and the clients receive regular feedbacks on the progress of the project, leading to a successful delivery.

  • Hire an Expert Model

    This model is ideal for the clients who may have an existing team in-place that they can expand as needed or are looking for a very small team, maybe for a quick MVP or a small project. In this model, clients get active support from their dedicated Account Manager and remain in control of the work that is assigned to the devs. This model often works on the lines of lean methodology and wherever possible, follows Kanban using tools like Trello or Jira. Whenever needed, this model allows the client to increase or decrease the number of devs that are working on the projects.

  • Time and Material – Agile Team

    This model would be perfect for the clients who are looking for a team to manage and deliver the entire project for them. In this model, the client will work closely with the experienced Project Manager to create a high-level project plan that can be delivered in smaller sprints. We would identify the right resources, create the right processes, and follow all the relevant Agile ceremonies. We would love to involve our clients in our scrum, sprint demo, and retrospectives to ensure that our deliveries are in-line with the expectations of the clients. This also gives us an opportunity to change the course as needed.