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Conversational AI


What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is the set of technologies behind automated messaging and speech-enabled applications that offer human-like interactions between computers and humans.

Conversational AI can communicate like a human by recognizing speech and text, understanding intent, deciphering different languages, and responding in a way that mimics human conversation.

Applied Conversational AI requires both science and art to create successful applications that incorporate context, personalization and relevance within human to computer interaction. Conversational design, a discipline dedicated to designing flows that sound natural, is a key part of developing Conversational AI applications.

Though chatbots have gained popularity (and a fare share of bad name), conversational AI solutions can be offered over both text and voice modalities and hence various channels and devices that offer support these modalities – from SMS and web chat for text modality to phone call and smart speakers for voice modality.

The best Conversational AI offers an end result that is indistinguishable from could have been delivered by a human. Think about the last time that you communicated with a business and you could have completed the same tasks, with the same if not less effort, than you could have if it was with a human. That’s Conversational AI at its highest quality.

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Years experience
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End user satisfaction
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Global reach
Service desk


Service desk

What all we can do in Conversational AI?

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    Strategy & Platform

    Helping you select the optimal digital experience, commerce, and marketing platform for your enterprise.

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    Project Implementation

    Deploying world-class scalable and agile enterprise digital platforms that wow your customers.

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    Integration & Support

    Specializing in integrating multi-platform systems saving you valuable time in integration design and development.


Conversational AI for Service Desk

Deliver an exceptional employee experience with conversational AI. Purpose-built for employees, Conversational AI can plug right into the help desk tools and ticketing systems you already use. It learns from every touchpoint, while automating repetitive inquiries and workflows with Conversational RPA. Also you can always have the capability to transfer conversations seamlessly to a human agent when required.


Conversational AI for Customer Support

Conversational AI plugs right into the tools and systems you already use to deliver an exceptional customer experience through conversational intelligence and automation. It learns from every touchpoint and automates repetitive inquiries and workflows using Conversational AI and RPA. Helping customers help themselves also empowers agents, who can now focus on issues that require a human touch.


Conversational AI & Conversational RPA for Ticket Resolution

Conversational AI brings intelligent automation to classify and route high volumes of tickets, improve resolution times, and user satisfaction. It empowers agents by recommending similar tickets, knowledge articles, and next-best actions.

By supporting service desk teams through historical ticket analysis and auto-classification of tickets, CAI & CRPA reduces MTTR, bounce rates, and ticket misclassification.


Conversational AI for Operations

CAIO Address service disruptions before they happen and provide real-time response to business applications with CAIO. Conversational AI can be domain-agnostic and can provide a layer of intelligence between your monitoring and ITSM tools. Hence you will be able to proactively resolve major incidents, automate root cause analysis, and prevent outages.

By applying automation to IT Operations, DevOps and Cloud Operations, CAIO can dramatically accelerate diagnosis and resolution times, while minimizing disruption for end-users.

We were acting like we had an advanced CI/CD culture with the capability to deploy multiple times a day. The truth is we didn't have the infrastructure to support that for all our teams.
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