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Why Do Successful Brands Prefer Adobe Experience Manager?

Why do companies with a significant online presence use Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)? It is pretty simple; it reduces the complexity of creating a cohesive digital experience. 

Companies looking to simplify their digital experience have found success using AEM. It provides a comprehensive solution for building and managing sites and pages, creating an engaging user experience.

AEM’s technology is based on the Adobe Experience Platform, so you can expect advanced features and capabilities. With AEM, you can quickly add new features and change the way your website looks and behaves. 

Let us dive into that idea to better grasp how AEM is a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for content management and why companies use it. In this article, you will learn about the top reasons huge brands use AEM as their digital platform.

Be a Leader in the Digital Business World

How can your business benefit from AEM? It can do so by giving customers a great experience. That’s how companies like Amazon and Zalando use AEM. They are leading their sectors by offering their customers great experiences.

If you want to be a leader in your sector, you can do that with AEM. It can help you provide customers with a great experience.

Drive Engagement

AEM offers the tools to drive engagement. You need to know how to use these tools to succeed, and if you employ them correctly, you will drive engagement.

How do you use these tools? You need to understand customers to drive engagement, including the markets where you operate, the competition, and what you can do to give your customers a competitive advantage.

Building a website is a fundamental skill, but when you add AEM, you can do a lot more. Things like creating content and delivering consistent messaging will make your site more useful.

Companies use AEM because of engagement. In fact, Adobe says that its AEM customers achieve online engagement rates of more than 100 percent.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Marketers are expected to make the most of every contact with potential customers. You need to know your customers to achieve this goal, and you can do so by making them feel special.

If you optimize your content, you will have a better chance to build customer relationships. Companies using AEM provide their customers with the best experience possible.

Experience Your Brand in a New Way

Why do companies choose AEM? The answer is simple: to create a new and engaging digital experience. We are talking about the user experience, of course. With AEM, firms can make the highly engaging and interactive experiences their customers demand today.

Companies need to offer their customers an engaging experience that matches their expectations. AEM enables companies to build a website and populate it with user content.

A straightforward way to think about it is that AEM provides a digital platform for companies. When used in tandem with Adobe Experience Marketing, Adobe’s marketing cloud, you can manage every aspect of the online interaction. It’s a comprehensive solution for building, managing and publishing content.

Get Big Brands behind You

How do you learn how to use Adobe Experience Manager? By watching the experiences of other companies. We want to share with you the success of companies that use AEM.

If you want to see a case study of the business outcomes of AEM, read about the one from Geico. The insurance company is a huge brand with more than 50 million customers, and it uses AEM to communicate directly with its customers.

Meet Customer Expectations

How can you meet customer expectations of your business? It is all about the customer experience. You need to build and customize your online platforms quickly.

Prioritize Your Workflow

How do you identify where to focus your efforts? You must prioritize your workflow. It may be challenging to do this when launching a new website, for example. But it is crucial to keep an eye on the big picture.

Enterprise brands prioritize their workflows with AEM because it lets you focus on serving your customers with better content and engaging experiences.


Are you going to use AEM? If so, you should understand the power of Adobe Experience Manager. It’s more than a CMS. It is a complete solution for building and managing an online presence. By being innovative and delivering that experience, AEM can help you create a leadership position in your sector.

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