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How Will a CI/CD Pipeline Benefit My Business

The world is changing at a rapid pace—do you think your business is prepared to address the concerns and provide the needs of your consumers, given the current landscape? The global pandemic caused a significant shift in...

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The Key to a Successful DevOps Transformation

Every business wants to disrupt its field, becoming an innovator that completely reinvented the game. For this reason, many have been focusing on DevOps transformations that get them closer to unleashing breakthroughs in...

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Here’s Why You Need API for Your eCommerce Website

An application programming interface or API is a software interface connecting between computers or between computer programs. Basically, it is an interface that allows you to interact with its logic without knowing the ...

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5 Benefits the CI/CD Strategy Can Bring to Your Business

Every business wants to find strategies that would be able to optimize the software that they utilize. The dynamics of the CI/CD software development practice is able to do that and more, with your employees reaping the ...

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The Benefits of DevOps To Different Business Industries

In an era where the rise of digital transformation is taking place and the IT industry is booming, DevOps definitely deserves a spotlight since it makes business processes easier and convenient. Development and Operation...

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The Advantages of Using Digital Marketing Automation

The term digital marketing is already synonymous with the words promotion and lead generation, and that is all due to a very good reason. If you happen to be the owner of your own venture, chances are, you and your creat...

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Benefits You Get From Adopting a DevOps Way of Working

If there’s anything that’s stealing the spotlight in the IT industry, it’s definitely DevOps. Now that we’re living in a digitally advanced world, DevOps is a crucial factor in an ever-changing an...

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3 Signs That You’re Ready to Shift to Cloud Computing

In your journey as a business owner and entrepreneur, you’ll eventually reach a point where you need to invest in better systems and tools to help you grow and scale your business operations. When you’ve reached that poi...


What Digital Marketing Automation Can Do for Your Business

Although online marketing can become complicated, automation software can handle many of its other minor activities. These automated activities can perform more manageable tasks that may cycle and repeat but are neverthe...

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Top Reasons Businesses Need Digital Transformation

As the market evolves, so too must the players. Businesses have to embrace new growth as part of the advances of digital technology. In doing so, they can effectively fulfill the requirements and expectations of their co...