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3 Ways Humans and Conversational AI Improve Customer Service

There is a rising debate in the customer service realm. It involves the question, who is better at serving customers—humans or robots? Human customer service representatives and conversational AI for customer support ...

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5 Industries That Can Use Conversational AI for Their CX

Bringing forth customer experience can greatly benefit the patrons as they receive much better service and support from your business. However, it’s also advantageous for companies in the long run as customer retention a...


What You Need to Know about Software Quality Engineering

SQE, short for software quality engineering, is the process in which quality checks are implemented throughout the development cycle of software. It ensures that DevOps and agile teams create high-quality software that p...

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The Role of Marketing Automation For Business Growth

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s no surprise that the current generation of marketers is constantly pressed for time. For this reason, we believe that marketing automation is critical if you want to increase productivit...


What You Need to Know About Conversational AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming more critical than ever! From being a fictional concept found in films and television, AI has become a powerful tool to uncover business insights and change our way of living forever. ...

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DevOps Basics: Steps to Follow for Successful Transition

At this point, most businesses are aware that DevOps is not just about tools. It’s also about culture. DevOps is the next generation of to-do lists but also includes the processes and methodologies that make it possible ...


Why Is Digital Transformation Crucial for Business Growth

At the world’s current state, digital transformation is essential for businesses to drive growth and move forward. This has never been more apparent than in 2020 when the world was forced to deal with a pandemic. Digi...


Understanding CI and CD: How Tools Shape App Development

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are two of the most-used modern software practices in application development. Both tools test the codes developers create, finding mistakes and making changes to ...

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How Businesses Can Grow with the Help of CI and CD

For IT-related businesses, staying updated on the latest technology and processes is required to be ahead of the competition. Not only that, but there are also protocols that your software development team must employ to...

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4 Interesting Ways DevOps Can Boost Your Software Creation

The language that requires the most fluency in today’s world is that of digital communication. Though COVID-19 has crippled thousands of businesses and forced people to work from home, companies are now adapting to onlin...