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5 Industries That Can Use Conversational AI for Their CX

Bringing forth customer experience can greatly benefit the patrons as they receive much better service and support from your business. However, it’s also advantageous for companies in the long run as customer retention and acquisition are improved.

When you want to enhance your business CX, artificial intelligence has come quite a long way with solving problems for people and providing them with information. In fact, certain AI already has conversational capabilities that allow interactions to be much more pleasant and loaded. You could better allocate your human resources to tasks where they’re more needed.

If you aren’t exactly sure whether your company would be fit to use conversational AI, here are industries and examples of successful establishments 

1) Travel Industry

There are common issues that customers in the travel industry face. For example, people who are calling up airlines usually have inquiries about the flights, cancellations, refunds, and the like. Hotels may be the same with regards to accommodation and inclusions as well.

The repetitive nature of these questions can make it draining to deliver a consistent customer experience. However, Lufthansa Group Airlines has shown that it’s possible to provide ideal CX as their chatbots have been able to easily cover those frequently asked questions.

2) Retail or Ecommerce

The battle between traditional retail and eCommerce online continues, though it’s reassuring to know that both will be able to utilize conversational AI. After all, customers always have questions in regards to their order and or desire notifications for a restock. 

Conversational AI can contact customers based on the data that it’s fed to it about a patron’s spending habits and past purchase history. Increase conversions and keep past customers coming once again with these chatbots.

3) Healthcare

So many healthcare clinics and facilities are starting to see the benefits of integrating technology into their processes. Conversational AI has also had a place for initial communication between a patient and a service.

For instance, Woebot is a mental health chatbot available on the App Store and Google Play. It’s also easy to contact through Facebook Messenger, giving text conversations that users can talk to at pretty much any hour of the day. There are a variety of features and connections too.

4) Beauty and Skincare

Although it may seem like beauty and skincare has nothing to do with artificial intelligence at all, there’s actually a flurry of questions that come into it as well. Customers who are new to the space might also seek out different product recommendations.

Take a look at Sephora, which utilizes conversational AI through its chatbot. Contacting this allows a customer to book different services and learn about various products or services that may be compatible with their likes based on a short questionnaire.

5) Personal Insurance

Providing a good customer experience is paramount when it comes to the personal insurance industry. After all, so much information is exchanged on an everyday basis, and many customers are seeking convenience and quickness more than anything.

GEICO has utilized conversational AI to act as a virtual assistant to the current customers under a plan. Whether it’s with site navigation, customer portal access, and more, GEICO’s bot grows smarter and more capable of great customer service each time. 


Every company of any nature will surely find that their customers are much more satisfied when there’s a chatbot implemented for their ease. Invest in getting conversational AI for your business and patrons.
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