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3 Signs That You’re Ready to Shift to Cloud Computing

In your journey as a business owner and entrepreneur, you’ll eventually reach a point where you need to invest in better systems and tools to help you grow and scale your business operations. When you’ve reached that point, that’s usually the sign that tells you to shift into cloud computing services for your business. But how can you actually tell if it’s the right time? Here are three telltale signs that the time to move into a cloud infrastructure has finally arrived.

1. You’re Ready to Upgrade to a New Software Release

If you’re suffering from slow and unreliable software or manual processes, then it might be time for an upgrade or a complete overhaul. While upgrading can be a costly and time-consuming project, it will all be worth the time, money, and effort because of all the benefits you get from switching to cloud computing. 

In fact, upgrading your software in the cloud helps you reduce your overhaul’s cost and time. Because the cloud enables you to avoid a large upfront spend on new hardware while increasing agility, scalability, and access to next-generation tools and functionality that maximize the return on your enterprise investment. Cloud computing is one of the easiest ways to upgrade with very minimal cost. You simply update your cloud computing account without making costly upgrades to your current infrastructure.

2. You’re Undergoing a Major Acquisition or a Merger

Mergers and acquisitions are huge steps for any startup. This is the time where many changes occur, including merging your IT environments and infrastructure. This can be a serious challenge if not planned and executed well. While that may be the case if you’re still using an old and outdated form of software, IT integration is much simpler when you’re already in the cloud.

For example, virtual private networks (VPNs) can be merged by integration into one account, peering existing cloud networks, or combining into a tiered parent company and child company account. By working with a cloud provider, you can speed up the merging process and even save on costs. Due to a cloud infrastructure’s transferability, transparency, and accessibility of critical information, it can significantly reduce the time of the merger and acquisition. Finally, it’s a lot easier to collaborate on a software that works mainly through the cloud.

3. You’ve Reached the End-of-Life of Your Software

As mentioned above, there will come a time when the current software you’re using will fail you and will no longer be able to support the growth of your business. This is what’s called the end-of-life of your software. When faced with this scenario, you have two options:

  • Upgrade the software that you have or replace your hardware. That seems simple enough, but it actually comes with some hefty upfront costs due to all the upgrades you’ll be required to do.
  • Instead, you can just upgrade and move to the cloud. It doesn’t require a hardware upgrade, and it allows you to preserve your investment in your software provider.

The second option is very much preferred by many businesses today due to the agility and efficiency it provides at very little cost.


If you’re contemplating upgrading your software to something that’s cost-efficient and convenient to use, cloud services are the way to go. They make things much easier and less problematic than sticking with non-cloud enterprise solutions.

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