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4 Interesting Ways DevOps Can Boost Your Software Creation

The language that requires the most fluency in today’s world is that of digital communication. Though COVID-19 has crippled thousands of businesses and forced people to work from home, companies are now adapting to online processes for business resiliency. 

This requires a focused thrust towards developing adaptable systems that cater to the huge digital shift. In the “always online” world we live in today, there is a need for speedy software that translates manual processes digitally without affecting the supply chain and still delivers high-quality services.

One of these budding cloud services is called DevOps, a technology that improves software development by boosting synergy between Development and Operations teams, expedites deployment of services, and empowers companies to create quality applications without sacrificing quantity. 

Though it sounds extremely technical, today we’ll look at four interesting ways DevOps boost your software creation for improved operation in your business.

Its Integration Is Continuous

Programmers input a code in the DevOps system that conducts self-improvement of the software’s frequency and quality of delivery, a method that drastically cuts development duration of months, weeks, days, and hours into mere minutes or seconds. 

This occurs because programmers input a Continuous Integration (CI) code into the DevOps’ central repository every so often for developers to get constant feedback and can immediately fix errors. This boosts software quality and lessens the time to market.

So Is Its Delivery

The next step after CI is Continuous Delivery (CD). CD is a software development practice that edits code when there are errors or troubleshoots bugs in the system efficiently and releases this edited code into a trial or production area once the app is completed. 

These regular check-ups (or check-ins) are automated tests done to ensure that high-quality code runs in its system. Applying these safety measures aims to deliver the same UX across devices and platforms.

As Well As Its Deployment

Once CI and CD are performed to ensure the quality of the app’s DevOps, the next way this system boosts software creation is by also having continuous deployment. Once the code change is made in CD, it is released to the customer as is without any human interference. 

Only a faulty code or bug in the system terminates the process and requires the assistance of programmers to troubleshoot those foreseen concerns. It is important to note at this stage that DevOps services can also be applied to the following processes: application modernization, application integration, mobile applications, and even cloud services.

These All Lead to Faster, More Efficient, and Higher-Quality Services

Since DevOps streamlines several processes of software creation and development, the benefits of this new technology are fivefold. 

First is its silo removal between Operations and Development teams. Both can seamlessly synergize during the software lifecycle. This collaboration leads to the second benefit: quick software delivery without sacrificing quality and quantity. 

Third, DevOps systems minimize manual efforts since programmers work closely with the software to troubleshoot bugs, deploy code, and improve said code to guarantee effective app deployment, decrease failure scenarios, and improve recovery from errors. 

Fourth, the revitalized synergy of Operations and Development teams with automated systems yield constant feedback and monitoring to align app release and delivery sequences. These lead to the last business advantage of DevOps: minimized error rates achieved through constant improvements made within the system. 

Final Thoughts

Based on the four ways mentioned above, it is clear DevOps is the way of the present and the future when it comes to delivering quality and value to digital customers. And with the DevOps market targeted to reach $12.85 billion in 2025, businesses must be quick to innovate with this technology in order to survive.

If you’re interested in finding out how DevOps can boost your business’s software creation in this brave new digital world, set an appointment with us! We’re one of the few cloud implementation companies with decades of experience in this kind of process. Get in touch with our high-level subject matter experts today!